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ELENA meaning Shining light;

The Sun of Elena is the warmth you radiate out to the universe when you are feeling your best, and at peace with who and where you are in life.



It's the simple things for her, she gets her highs from walking in nature; the sand on her feet, watching the waves ebb and flow, collecting shells along the beach; She is captivated by natures beauty, forever snapping photos of flowers, birds, bees, sunsets, blue skies, and the way the sun kisses the water creating that magical sun glitter phenomenon. A walk in nature is the solution to all of her problems, it is her source for inspiration, her gateway to gratitude, and the best way to recharge her batteries. 

She dresses for her and isn’t about trends. She is drawn to laces, whites, embroidered, handmade artisanal timeless pieces that are made with love. Her type of shopping is exploring vintage shops or markets to find those unique one off treasures that the crowds aren’t all wearing. Slow Fashion is her language. 

She is a true believer in putting love into everything you do and trusting in the universe. Everything happens for a reason. 

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