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Step into Your Radiance with the Elena Sports Bra!


The Elena Sports Bra, derived from the name meaning 'shining light,' becomes your fitness beacon, illuminating your path to an empowered workout experience. Designed for women who seek to embrace their inner light, this sports bra is the perfect combination of style and functionality.


🌟 Unmatched Flexibility: Offering a four-way stretch, the Elena Sports Bra ensures optimum flexibility during your workout routine, providing the support needed while enhancing your freedom of movement.


💦 Stay Dry and Comfortable: Crafted with innovative sweat-wicking technology, this sports bra keeps you dry and fresh throughout your exercise session, ensuring you stay comfortable even during the most vigorous workouts.


♻️ Sustainability at Heart: Comprising 77% recycled polyester and 23% spandex, the Elena Sports Bra champions sustainability in fitness wear. Each purchase reflects your commitment to a greener future.


🎨 Unique Floral Design: The Elena Sports Bra features an exclusive floral-inspired print meticulously designed to enhance your workout wardrobe. Each detail in the print embodies the artistry of nature, creating a look as unique as your fitness journey.


👚 Versatile Style: Whether at the gym or outdoors, this sports bra seamlessly adapts to your exercise regimen. Its stylish design makes it an ideal undergarment for layering or a standout piece in your fitness wardrobe.


🌟 The Light Within: The Elena Sports Bra is more than just sportswear; it’s a beacon encouraging you to embrace and express your inner radiance. The name 'Elena,' meaning shining light, symbolizes the energy and brilliance you carry within.


🛒 Order Your Elena Sports Bra Today: Elevate your fitness routine with a perfect blend of performance, sustainability, and style. Invest in the Elena Sports Bra and redefine your workout experience with a piece that mirrors your enthusiasm, principles, and distinct style.

Elena Pink Floral Sports Bra

  • Material Composition

    Material Composition

    77% Recyclable Polyester

    23% Spandex



  • Care Instructions

    Machine Wash Cold with like colours 

    Do not Bleach 

    Lie Flat to dry 

    Do not iron 

    Do not dry clean 

  • Product Features

    • Removable Cups. 
    • Sweat Wicking 
    • Durable 
    • Breathable 
    • Quick Dry 
    • Four Way Stretch
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