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Imagine the enchanting sight of a butterfly alighting on your ear – that’s the allure of these gold-plated earrings. Sideways perched, they beautifully mimic the delicate moment a butterfly graces your earlobe, with moonstones adorning the antennae for a touch of celestial charm.

Crafted for those special moments, these statement butterfly earrings, though on the heavier side, are designed to be a captivating accessory for occasions rather than everyday wear. Embrace the elegance and make a statement with these distinctive pieces when you want to add a touch of sophistication to your look.

These Gold plated beauties are Infused with the essence of nature. Crafted from inspiration drawn from the delicate butterflies gracing my path during my summer walks, they carry the spirit of the outdoors and bring a touch of natural beauty to your jewellery collection.

Golden Butterfly Earrings

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